Friday, June 29, 2012

bestest story teller ever!!!!!

I grew up listening to Public Radio,
 specifically on the children's radio program

I was introduced to all sorts of 
wonderful singers and storytellers for children.
Bill Harley 
is one of my favorites.
(he's from Rhode Island - here's his website
Here's a video of one of his well known song/stories:

You're Not The Boss of Me
(I'm totally bragging right now.... when I was teaching at a
Spanish school in MT he came to visit and gave us a private show 
- it was awesome - 
he was friends with some of the parents whose kids went to the school.
It's nice to have connections.)
You can buy his stuff on iTunes or through his website

P.S. if you want to laugh out loud 
I highly suggest listening to the following:

Dad Threw the TV Out the Window
Black Socks 
(for those who hate to do laundry)
50 Ways to Fool Your Mother
Zanzibar (not on iTunes)
Wheezy and the Moon Pies
(seriously my favorite one but not on iTunes)

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