Sunday, June 17, 2012

and for my birthday....

I will celebrate my 35th year of being alive on 
Tuesday June 19th.
I love birthdays.
To me, they signify all that a person has survived;
a trophy of another year of laughter, tears, and all the experiences of life.

My sister recently wrote and asked, "What do you want for your birthday?"
My reply:

1. My student loans paid off
2. To see Wicked on Broadway in NYC
3. To understand men
4. Dinner at Salem Cross Inn
5. An updated wardrobe

For some reason, she didn't find my list the least bit helpful.

I think I'd like to add the following:

6. A Cuisinart food processor
7. An eraser for heart-ache
8. A Le Creuset stock pot/casserole pan
9. My little Sergio back
10. A kayak

To be honest, I don't need anything.
I have wonderful friends, a loving family, safety, health, a good job, a reliable car,
wonderful landlords, amazingly beautiful memories 
(as exemplified in photos of last years birthday bash above and below),
hope, knowledge of a loving God, and faith in a future
where I will be married to my best friend and have several lovely chubby babies!

I don't need anything.....
but flowers and chocolates will never be turned down!


erikafabulous said...

Happy Birthday!!!! (upcoming) I hope you have a wonderful day spent surrounded by all the good things you deserve. Cheers!

Amy said...

Nice birthday list. I hope this coming birthday brings you all that you hope for and more!

Christina said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Many happy returns of the day! And I wish for you that next year you will look back on all that you have received and realize that it is even better than what you hoped for. I love you!!

L.J. said...

I would like to make you something chocolatey and delicious next time you come to town. Happy birthday, my dear.