Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sick Sick Sick

Today I am sick. Not a throw up sick. Not a temperature sick. But a good old chest cold sick. Chest colds and I go waaaaaaaay back. I always had chest colds and sinus infections as a kid. Thankfully, chest cold and sinus infection have chosen other targets as I've gotten older.

There!!! There it is, a good reason for getting older!!!!!

I remember long hot showers, chicken noodle soup, lots and lots of apple juice, naps and reading in bed as the way I got over colds as a kid (well, and the occasional trip to the Doctor for a dose of Antibiotics). Strangely enough, that's still how I get over colds today.
And you - how do you get over colds??

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Jennifer said...

I, too, have a cold I am currently doing battle with. For me, recovery seems to come with drinking an amazing amount of clear fluids and peeing them out every 10-20 minutes. Watching movies also does wonders.