Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kitchen Goodness

A compilation of some of my favorite cooking and eating related things. Enjoy!!
(again, add your own suggestions in the comments block - add a link if you can find one)
Penzey Spices - Fantastic gifts for the cooks in your life (and perhaps a little treat for yourself as well). Great for standard spices for baking and cooking but also has an extensive collection of Indian spices.
  • Sunny Paris - Absolutely fantastic on scrambled eggs - wow! Works great sprinkled on roasted vegetables or in sauces too. You can't go wrong!!
  • Pure Vanilla - This is real vanilla in its finest form. For those recipes that really need a quality shot of vanilla.
  • Spice Gift Packs - 4-packs and 8-packs of various types of spices for any occasion and style of cooking.

Hot Chocolate
  • Allegro Brand Indian Spice -available at Whole Foods Market
  • Burdick's Hot Chocolate - The *Best* hot chocolate in the world - expensive, but if you love hot chocolate - utterly worth the price! Dark is incredibly strong - not for the faint of palate! White is sweet and dreamy! Milk - it's like a melted cup of milk chocolate.
  • Godiva Hot Chocolate - This one wins second place for delectable hot chocolate! I prefer the dark - it's got depth without being bitter.
  • Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe - From Whole Foods Market. I love Mexican Hot Chocolate!
Candy Cane Joe-Joes - This is heavenly Christmas flavor wrapped in a cookie - and it only appears at Christmas. Crushed candy canes folded into creamy frosting layered between two chocolate cookies! If you like Oreo's you will love these so much more!
Almond Roca - Toffy nutty chocolatey goodness wrapped in a lovely golden wrapper!
Yummy Cheese - Sugarbush Farms. Incredible cheese made in VT.
Maple Syrup - real stuff! - Sugarbush Farms. Read up on the Maple Syrup grades - the syrup gets darker as the season continues.
Lake Champlain Chocolate Carmels - Truly some of the best chocolates I've ever tasted.
WilliamsSonoma - Silicone spatula - The silicone spatula is one of the best all purpose kitchen tools. It works as a stirring tool, rubber scraper, it's dishwasher safe, and delightful to use!
WilliamsSonoma - Whisk - I love this whisk!! It doesn't rust, the tines stay put and it feels great in your hand. I suggest a little gift set of whisk, spatula and hot chocolate or dish towels.

Best Kitchen Drying Towels - I've got one of these fantastic towels. They suck up the water quickly and dry your dishes in no time flat!
Mini Colander - A fantastic mini colander perfect for a single serving of washed fruits and veggies!
Flirty Aprons - A friend has one of these delightfully cute aprons. Want to add a little fifties flare to your kitchen - tie one of these on for size!
Red Plate Special - A perfect gift for anyone who deserves to feel special on any day!
America's Test Kitchen Website - Are you a fan?? If not - see what the fuss is about click here and watch an episode or two!
America's Test Kitchen Cookbook - I *LOVE* this cookbook. I've used it to bake cookies, breads, salads, pie crusts, meats.... etc. You can't go wrong with this fail-safe book. Better than any other all purpose cookbook!
Mexican and Yucatecan Recipes - My mom and I took a cooking class from the man who runs Los Dos in Merida, Mexico. His recipes are fantastic if you enjoy Mexican food.

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