Friday, August 1, 2008


My hard drive crashed.  My information was irretrievable by MAC store geniuses.  If I want my journal pages from the past year, photos, music I bought, any projects I worked on - in short - anything that I have worked on in the past 12 months I have to pay to have my computer sent elsewhere and hopefully the info can be retrieved.  Is it worth it?  Or do I just bite it, chalk it up to experience and remember to back up my information on a regular basis from now on!?!  Blech, blech, blech.  I feel like crying.

Luckily, I saved money by switching to GEICO on my car insurance.

Okay, so the last sentence is not true but it was the perfect place to say something stupid like that.  I did save money by purchasing AppleCare when I bought my computer a year ago.  So, all of the replacements are free!!  Yeah for a positive side.


Charlotte said...

i'm so sorry! i want to cry for you too... i would cry if it happened to me. my vote is to still try to recover it.

Jessica O said... I'm curious to know if you tried to recover...