Friday, August 15, 2008

Whale Watching, Good Eating, and Good Company

   My mom is here visiting me for the next few weeks - I am loving have her here!!  Since she arrived we have been spending a lot of time working on Girl's Camp stuff as it is next week and I am in charge of the 4th year girls.  My mom is coming as moral support for me and I think they will be putting her to work in the kitchen!!!   And she thought she was coming for vacation :-)
  Yesterday we took a little break from Girl's Camp odds and ends and had some fun.  We went whale watching!!  What an incredible time.  We left in the morning and took a high speed catamaran (along with 150 other folks) about 30 miles east of Boston.  The particular area they took us is a feeding grounds for the whales.  I guess the same ones come back year after year.  There were so many whales to see!!  It was incredible to see these huge creatures so close.  I am constantly amazed at the variety of life that is upon this earth.  
We saw so many whales!! 
Fun photo of the whale blowing air out.  We saw three types of whales - the two pictured are both Humpbacks, I believe.
Capturing the first few moments on the boat!
I wore this from the moment I bought it, through lunch at Legal Seafood and all the way home on the train!!  I am so bringing this to girls camp next week.  If I ever move back to MT I am looking for a moose or elk antler hat!!  I was all over this lobster hat, though!!
  In Boston they have what is called Restaurant Week twice a year (I think).  It is a great idea.  Restaurants all over the city - many of them very upscale and normally extremely expensive - offer a three course meal (hors d'oeuvre, entree, and dessert) for a fixed price.  My friend Helen and I had gone to a fabulous restaurant during the last Restaurant Week and so with my mom in town (who appreciates new and interesting foods) we decided to try another one this go around.  WOW!!  It was amazing.  It's called the Elephant Walk Cafe and offers a French Cambodian menu.  We were lucky and got a four course spread for the same fixed price ($33.08) as the three course offering in other restaurants. If you live in Boston or are planning on coming here soon - this is the place to go!!  Great presentation, amazing flavors and beautiful atmosphere!!   

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Looks like fun! Have a great week next week!