Monday, May 5, 2008

Welcome to Boston!

A big Welcome to my niece Jessica and her roommate Aimee!!  They just finished their freshman year at BYU and decided to come visit me in Boston.  

The exciting news in my life, among many exciting things:  I have two beautiful girls visiting, I have moved to a new place that I love (there are trees, and grass, and it takes me only 10 minutes to drive to work, so many pluses!!  Though, I do miss Trader Joes and Whole Foods being just a few blocks away and super yummy restaurants!  Oh well, the sacrifices one makes for comfort and cheap rent!!), I was called to work with the Stake Young Women's program specifically with YW in a spanish branch (Yeah!!  I get to be with the young women again AND I get to polish up my Spanish), and... and.... well, I guess that's it.  But, I think it's enough for now.  

Oh, and Feliz 5 de Mayo!!  Tonight I planned a fun FHE for the ward celebrating the battle of Puebla (you don't know the battle of Puebla or the reason 5 de Mayo is really celebrated??  No it is NOT Mexican Independence Day - click here and find out the real meaning!!)  We had a brief history lesson, played indoor soccer, whacked a pinata until candy flew and ate yummy Mexican food.  All in all a great day!!

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Smile said...

how fun for you ! I'm glad I found your blog again (I had forgotten it!) So good to see that you are doing so well! -- Suzie (Butler)McKeon