Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tattooed at FHE!!!

   I can hear the headlines now... "Local Boston resident, Karen Bingham, is in critical condition and is lucky to be alive after foolishly allowing her FHE brothers to draw a battle scene on her biceps (and my, they are nice biceps) with scrap-booking markers."
   As may of you know I have been in charge of my ward's whole group FHE since January.  FHE stands for Family Home Evening and is a time for families (or friends as those in my congregation are single) to get together, discuss gospel topics, and have a fun time.  I have had the best time getting to know people and having my testimony strengthened by hearing what other folks have to say about the various topics we have discussed.  The topic for this week's FHE was gratitude and taking care of the one (I used Elder Wirthlin's most recent conference address as my guide, click here if you'd like to read it).  Our activity for the evening was to write something uplifting or inspiring on a piece of paper for everyone in the room.  At the end of the night, everyone would have a paper full of nice things just about them.  
   Well, two of my amazing FHE brothers were looking for my paper and couldn't find it.  So, as I was tired of hearing them call out my name I made the following offer (bad move on my part), "Okay guys, here's the deal.  If you can't find my paper you can write something nice on my arm."  You would have thought I had give them free money for how excited they were at that prospect.  Of course, I was not expecting them to take me seriously. 
   And yet, they did.  
  Below you will find a photo of the soon to be famous artists and, of course, an example of their work.  
(I am sad to report that after one night's bathing the artwork was destroyed, never to be seen again.)(sniff-sniff)

Allen and Doug, thanks!

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Does anyone know of a veterinarian because that python is SICK!