Saturday, June 4, 2011

Graduation and Family Time!!

Though I finished school in December I walked
for graduation in May.
Graduation itself was, well, dull and boring.
But, I'd do it a hundred times over again
if it meant my family would come to visit me again!

We visited all sorts of places as you'll see below.
This picture requires some explanation, as you may have noticed
my father seems to be losing his teeth.
Rightly so, he's got some false ones in while his upper
jaw heals before he gets his permanent ones put it.
They are a bit loose and if he smiles too big
or opens his mouth too wide they sometimes.... slip.
Dad decided we needed a shot with his classy teeth falling out.

I laughed sooooo much while my parents and my brother
were around. It sure felt nice to have them there!!

Mom, Dad, Rich on a Cape Cod beach - it was
incredibly foggy. So dense that
as you walked through it you could feel
the droplets forming on you.

Here I am all decked out at graduation.

This one is for Jessica, we are in Mount Auburn Cemetery
on top of the Washington tower (aka. Rapunzel's Tower).

My favorite shot. All of us aboard the Mayflower II.
When can they come back for another visit!!??


reddladybug said...

Congrats! What an accomplishment!

Rachel said...

Go Karen! But I am eager to know what you graduated ya know should I call you dr now?

Rachel said...

Karen you rock? So what did you graduate in? Do I call you Dr?

mtduckgirl said...

Hey Rachel!! No Dr, just a Master, thank you very much ;-). Who knows if I'll get a Doctorate some day.... maybe!!! How are things in your neck of the woods?

Rachel said...

They are going okay! Busy life! I have my first kindergartener this year so we are praciting reading lots and lots lately....makes me think of you. Masters in what?