Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Finished!!!!!!! My bedspread quilt is done!!!

It's been a year since I first started this project
and now it's done!
It feels soooooo good to sleep under it.
It's the perfect weight and keeps me warm
without being too hot!
I've always loved sleeping
but now
it's harder then ever to get out of bed.
Here's the backside of my quilt
(it could be the front too)!
Here's the front side already in use on my bed!
Here's a close up of the binding - yes I did it by hand!
Thanks to my fabulous quilting instructor, Nancy!


The Millward Family said...

You are awesome! Quilting is on the list of things I want to learn someday!

Jen said...

Sooo beautiful!! You are one talented chica :) I really like the colours and material you used. Good job!

Elizabeth said...

IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it!!!!

Kipluck said...

WOW, Hermana, that looks great!