Thursday, August 13, 2009

Washington, DC Take 3

And finally...
Three "monuments here"-
1. WW2 water monument w/each of the 50 states represented,
2. Reflection pool
3. Lincoln Memorial in far background
(oh, and the cool policeman on horseback)

GORGEOUS DAY in Washington DC.
I'm on the Lincoln Memorial looking out over
the reflection pool,
Washington Monument,
the National Mall,
and The Capital Building in the way way back.

Part of the reason for my going to DC
was to go on a blind date set up by one of my friends.
We ended up going to Mt. Vernon
(where George Washington lived)
for part of our date and I remembered
that when I was 12 I had come here
and taken a picture of this exact tree.
So, here it is folks.... the same tree 20 years later.
(Wish I had the other picture w/me but it's in MT.)

Oh look, it's Montana.
And a really cute girl standing beneath it!

No questions as to why I took this, right?
They were walking out of the reflection pool
in front of the Lincoln Memorial.
Too cute. Couldn't resist.


Richard said...

Hold on a moment. You came down to DC, and you didn't tell me?

I hope you enjoyed the trip.

mtduckgirl said...

Richard I thought about you every day - and that I needed to contact you! And it was usually while I was out walking between museums or at midnight! I'm sorry, that is awful of me!! Forgive me please!! I am planning on coming down in October - and if I'm lucky sooner!

Liv said... how was the blind date?

ang said...

yay montana! yay ducks! how was the date???