Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Few More Happenings...

Washington, DC: Take 1
A saying at the end of the main exhibit at the Holocaust Memorial.
Something to remember now and always.

I went to a fantastic and chilling exhibit on
Nazi Propaganda at the Holocaust Memorial.
What propaganda are we hearing?

Julia Child's pots and pans on exhibit at the Smithsonian - amazing number of pans.
They reconstructed her kitchen with
the furniture and etc. from her actual kitchen.
Very homey and warm.
We can all cook delightfully in even the most
modest of spaces.
The kitchen IS the heart of the home.


Jen said...

I bet those were two super exhibits. You've been a busy lady!

ang said...

that saying from the Holocaust Memorial gave me goose bumps! for like 30 seconds straight! amazing.