Sunday, May 3, 2009

Best Blender EV_ER!!!

Hey Folks, you all know I went to BYU and I think it is a great school.
I can now prove with certainty that BYU comes up with some genius thinkers!!
Here's one of them.
This man invented a blender that could probably blend your blender into dust!
I'm actually serious, and I wonder if he's tried it?
He's tried to blend just about everything else (and been successful) including:
iphone, glow sticks, a rubics cube, bic lighters (that is a fun one to watch),
and so many more things.
Watch one of the clips. I promise, once you watch one
you won't want to stop AND you will want to check out
the website to see how you can get one of your own.
(No, I am not a spokesperson,
I just think this is the coolest thingsince sliced bread!!)


Liv said...

Andrew loooooves the blendtec videos. He'll pick things up around the house and say, "I wonder if this will blend?" So far I haven't caught him sticking anything in my wimpy blender.

mtduckgirl said...

Ha! That's awesome. I have to admit when I'm cooking I find myself thinking, "What would this recipe be like if I had a Blendtec blender..."