Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I got a call a few weeks back from a friend/mission companion 
who had a free ticket that had to be used by April 16.  She wanted to know
 if maybe, just maybe 
she could come visit me in Boston. 
"MAYBE!!!!???  Heck yes you can!!  Come on down, my friend!!!" 
So, I might have been a little more calm on the phone, 
but it was essentially the same sentiment.  

We had a blast.  
I played tour guide, learning a little along the way, making new friends
and of course we ate plenty of good food.  

WARNING:  if you come to visit me - 
whether I am here, there, or somewhere else, 
it will ALWAYS, ALWAYS include good food.  

Food is part of what makes a culture.  
So, prepare yourself to eat and enjoy!  

Amy was perfect company, but I don't know what happened...
 while she was here all of my pent up obnoxiousness 
came bursting out in fits of silly humor.  
Poor thing, she put up with me, though. 
Bless her heart!
Enjoy the photos!!
Best clam chowder is @ Periwinkles (at least in Essex, MA)!

Best place for brunch in Jamaica Plain - Center Street Cafe.  
When they say "loads of fresh fruit" they mean it!
(That's french toast underneath the fruit, 
in case you were wondering:-)

Awww, look how cute we are!! 
Public Gardens - downtown Boston.

View from the top of the Bunker Hill monument!!  
294 steps up!

This fish was so persuasive.... I couldn't say no.

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