Friday, September 19, 2008


What a small word to describe a most important feeling.

I felt joy this past week when I spent time with my family in ID.  My parents, and whatever children and grandchildren are available, always go to the same place the same time every year.  It was the first time in quite a while that my parents and all us kids were able to be together for vacation. 
I felt the importance of being close to family, both emotionally and physically.  To see my nieces and nephews enjoying each others company was great and I hope that as we all grow older and go about our lives that we still come together and celebrate as a family.   Family is such a unique and amazing institution. 
So, allow me to share some of my joyful moments with you from this past week:
* Spending two hours watching my sister, brother, nieces and nephews shake their tushies on Wii fit.
* Getting up on water skis and a wake board!!!
* Laughing over completely ridiculous and silly things.
* Feeling completely comfortable in a group of people.
* Going to church with my family.
* Meeting my niece's 3-legged chihuahua and falling in love with it.
* Reading my scriptures in the morning of a beautiful clear day sitting on a dock over calm water.
* Eating my sister's yummy homemade salsa and cheese dips
* Holding my nieces hand while we walked
* Seeing mountains again
* Breathing clean air
* Just being close to my family.

What has brought you joy recently?


reddladybug said...

My visit to CA to see my fam! Gotta love it!

Family: Isn't it about time?

Elizabeth said...

What an awesome picture! I miss the mountains and clean air. My kids bring me joy every day. I just need to remember it!

Anonymous said...

Being free