Friday, July 11, 2008

This is what happens....

...when you forget to charge your batteries:  One picture of a gorgeous storm on the Charles river and no fireworks.  Bummer.  This was actually the third of July but unfortunately I neglected to charge my camera batteries that night and so I had NO working camera on the 4th of July.  Mind you, I was on the tenth floor of a fabulous apartment building in Cambridge with a perfect view of the Hatch Shell fireworks!!!  Boston Pops and Rascal Flats in the background, and amazing fireworks.  My favorites were the ones that turned into smiley faces and those that floated like comets (actually I thought they looked like the Dementors of Azkaban from the Harry Potter movies, but that's just me).  Sorry, no photos!!!!!! But, trust me it was gorgeous and amazing.

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Mer said...

Y'know what's really great about Sundays -- even the metaphorical ones?

They show up every week
(unfortunately, that means the Fridays do, too)

Sending Love and good Juju your way.