Thursday, December 9, 2010

Best Socks in the World goes too.....

Today's gift idea is....
Don't be fooled by any other name.
Expensive? Yes.
Worth it? Most definitely.
Even if your feet sweat a lot
they won't get cold.
They won't get too hot either.
Your feet stay the "just right temperature"
in these beauties.
They are for all seasons.
You can get them for men/women/children/pets
(okay, maybe not pets)
and they come in all colors, styles, lengths and thicknesses.
I have running socks, skiing socks, ankle socks,
mid calf socks, socks for slacks, and socks for jeans.
Truly, once you go for SmartWool
you will never want anything else.
Too bad they don't make SmartWool nylons...
I *heart* SmartWool socks.

Where you can buy them:
(they are on sale here! type SmartWool into the search box)
(great!! selection here)


Kate said...

Karen, you can actually buy SmartWool for your pets! I have some friends in Alaska that outfit their dog in SmartWool. Crazy. (I wish they made SmartWool nylons as well.)

Kate said...

Oops! Maybe they do?!

mtduckgirl said...

That's just awesome, Kate!! Thanks for sharing!!

Jen said...

Are they itchy?

mtduckgirl said...

Not itchy at all!!!