Monday, September 27, 2010

FHE and Parenthood

Tonight we had a fantastic FHE lesson.
Not the royal we, mind you, it was an actual group of single
adults who meet together every week and
partake of a lesson, discussion, friendship,
and of course, food.
The best part of tonight was feeling the spirit.
It was this little constant hum of warmth in my heart
as we listened to the teacher and then as we
listened to each other.
I love when lessons turn out so well!!
The topic was:
being mothers and fathers
(for the most part that was the topic, anyway).
Ironic, considering we're all individuals
who are neither married nor have children of our own.
Oh, but how lovely to learn that
we are always mothers and fathers.
What a gift we have as children of God to be parents
and teach children -
our own
or our siblings
or children from church
or our friends children.
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emily snyder said...

hello!!! can we be quilting friends!?!?!

Jen said...

Miss Karen, You are inspiring. Thanks for your wonderfulness:)