Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Yay for visitors!! Among the many wonderful things
about living in Boston,
is that soooo many people want to come visit!
Including one of my old kindergarten students and her mom
(she's getting ready to enter 5th grade now!!).
We had a blast!!!!

went to a Red Sox game (they won!!).....

we went to the beach (notice the hats).....

again, notice the hats. They purchased these beauties in
the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport on their way here and
thought it would be fun to have matching hats.
Oh, and so that I would be sure to notice them
as I picked them up from the airport.
We had a remarkable number of people comment on them
as we went to the beach, museums, and tourist shops.
Big Bonus with hats like these:
when you scan the crowd searching for each other
all you have to look for is a sparkly hat!

Another day at the beach. I tried waxing eloquent with my camera
I have an unbelievable number of sand, rock, and ocean shots. This is one of them....

And lastly, my pretty bruise that I got from tripping and falling
onto something on the Mayflower II.
It matches my skirt, at least.
I was quite taken with the colors of my pretty not-so-little
bruise and was a little sad to see it fade away!

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