Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I went to the
on Saturday with some friends
to see my favorite
He turned one of his stories
into a picture book.
"Raspberries" - it's great
(but his original version is even better!!)
The illustrator is the great grandson
I loved the museum and seeing my friends
and meeting Mr. O'Callahan.

This morning I woke up missing someone.
Someone I likely won't see or talk to again.
I'm supposed to move on and forget.
But, sometimes
I just don't want to.


christina said...

No, actually that is when it is easiest to miss someone. Love you.

Kipluck said...

What an AWESOME museum. I am quite jealous.

Elizabeth said...

The museum sounds great! Sorry you woke up feeling crummy though.. I hate when I start a day with a pit in my stomach. Hope you are well! Miss you! I have a ton to tell you but the conversation would be totally one sided...but its so much more fun than email. Love you!

Anonymous said...
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