Thursday, December 10, 2009

Karen's Top Ten Things to Know About Visiting the UK

10. It DOES rain a lot there (bring an umbrella, hat, scarf and gloves).
9. Scotland is beautiful and the accents are the best
- be careful after a few minutes you will start
talking like a Scott!
8. Castles are big, and cold, and I would LOVE to
have a fire-place as big as some of the
ones I saw (I swear, one of them is at least as big as my room
- which isn't that difficult, actually...)

This is looking out the exit/entrance at the Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland
(did you know that it's pronounced Edinburough??)
7. Wool and cashmere are cheap-er in Scotland - but not that cheap.
6. There are a lot of sheep in Northern England and Scotland.

John Knox's house. I love the inscription over the door way, it says:
Love God above all and your neighbor as yourself.
A view of the old part of Edinburgh, including a view of the castle from atop
Arthur's Seat - an extinct volcano. Beautiful day.

A view of Arthur's Seat from the castle, hmm, very familiar looking...
5. I LOVE british showers -
you never run out of hot water, it heats it as it comes out.
4. I love Tesco
(it's like a super grocery store mixed with a big department store -
yes, classier than Walmart.)
3. It's much more fun to visit when you know someone who lives there,
you get to meet people and see the little differences
in the way people live. It's great.
2. They do have roasted chestnut vendors on the street
(okay so maybe that was just for the Christmas street fayre,
but it was cool, and I did buy some... they grew on me).
1. I got to hear old church bells ringing noisily several times
and it was beautiful, I got to go to Evensong at the Yorkminster Abbey
and hear a men's acapella group sing the liturgy (I think that's what it's called),
the beauty of the bells and the singing touched my heart and
it was beautiful.
This is the Preston, England temple.
It was lovely to be able to go there and enjoy the peace inside.


Jen said...

Beautiful photos Miss Karen! How's the accent?

Amy said...

Wow! What a fun trip. It was good to see you again the other night. Happy Holidays!

Elizabeth said...

Awesome! I was wondering when I'd get to see some pictures...LOVE IT!