Friday, December 19, 2008

Shoveling, Snow and a Great Dad

Growing up I loved the snow, I still do.  I remember waking up in the morning, looking out the window at the fluffy snow, and wanting to be out in it.  It usually didn't take me too long to get there!  Later, when I began driving to school myself I remember going out to find the sidewalks shoveled and even a path across the grass to my car cleared for me.  My Dad was amazing, he would get up early, shovel our walks, create paths to all the cars that anyone in our house should need to drive that day, and sometimes shovel the walks of our neighbors.  
  Now, here I am several years later :-) needing to shovel my own walks.  I was so excited to find a $0.50 used snow shovel this summer that I bought it with only the hope of snow in my minds eye.  Today, New England winter has arrived.  School was let out 3 hours early, and the Governor asked that any non-essential state workers stay home because of the upcoming severe weather.  I got home to find 3 inches of snow on my steps and front walk.  "Wahooooooooo," I thought!!  I can get my shovel and go to work.  So, to prove it, here is a picture of me and my shovel, look closely and you will see the somewhat shoveled walks in the background.  Even though only 3 of the 12 inches of the expected snowfall had arrived, I put my back (and knees) to the task and was proud of the results!!  I know that tomorrow morning I will need to get up and do it all over again and I look forward to it. 


Elizabeth said...

Way to go! We don't even have a shovel. It melts too quick anyway! Love it!!!

Karalene Ludlow said...

You are too cute! I loved to shovel snow ... until I had to do it nearly every day last winter for about 3 hours a day! And that was with the help of a snow blower ... Craig and I managed apartments and they had to be shoveled everytime it snowed ... which was alot! Although I must say I did get some fine-toothed thinking done that time of the morning ~ You go buddy!

Richard said...

Believe me, it could be a lot worse.

I arrived in Spokane for Christmas on the 16th. Since then, they've had record-breaking snowfalls (17 inches in 24 hours), and I've had to help dig out from about 3 feet of snow - with more on the way before I go home. It doesn't help that my father fell on the ice and broke his ankle in the middle of all of this.

The worst part is that the day before I left DC, it was 66 degrees outside. I love snow, but I think I'm done with it for a while.